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Creating websites for celebrities is one of the many services provided by an agency. There is certain content which needs to be on a celebrity website and benefits for celebrities who have their own personal website. As a design and development agency we serve personality types including authors, coaches and celebrities. Part of our job is creating and maintaining their websites and showing them how having a personal website can benefit them.

If you are or manage an author, coach, celebrity, or a public figure then read further.

Here are 10 of the most important areas you need to have on a celebrity or public figure website:

Content for Celebrity Websites

  1. Biography: A bio page is a very important part of any personal website (including celebrity personal websites). The biography section should include basic information about the celebrity including their full name, date of birth, date of death (if they have passed away), etc. It also include some information about their background like some information about their childhood and how they became famous.As a celebrity website designer, we should also add information about what the celebrity has done in their career. For example, if the celebrity is an actor or actress, we can include what movies, television shows, Broadway plays, etc. they have starred in. If our celebrity client is an athlete, we can include what accomplishments they have received like trophies or medals, and what they have helped their team accomplish (if they are on a team).Including information about the celebrity’s personal life will help the celebrity’s fans feel more connected to them. Information about their upbringing, what their hobbies are, and what issues they are passionate about. Some celebrities are passionate about making medical marijuana legal, for example. You can also information about them like their favorite foods, bands, places they like to travel to, etc.
  2. Fan Club Information: Typically, it is only bands or musicians that have fan clubs. For celebrity clients that have fan clubs, the information about it needs to be on their website. The information should include the benefits of being a member of their fan club like exclusive content, communicating with other fans, and contests and special offers which are only available to their fan club members. They also need to have information about how their fans can join their fan club.
  3. Portfolio: A celebrities profile should include what they are passionate about like art and charitable work. It can also include what city they live in and what they do there. It can also be a place for them to share things like their head shots, reel, and resume. Their portfolio can also tell some about their background including where they went to college and what things they have done like producing movies, etc.
  4. News: A celebrity’s news section can include things the celebrity has recently done or will be doing in the near future. For example, if the celebrity is a musician, their news section can tell about new albums, tracks, or videos they have recently released. It can also tell about concerts they have recently done or ones they are going to do in the near future. Their news section can also include what media they have been in lately like magazines. Some celebrities do special events like having special groups of people (like crime victims) join them on stage during their performance to show support for them. For authors, it can include things like books they have just written and when they are going on their book tours, etc. The goal of the news area of a celebrity’s personal website is to keep their fans updated on what is going on in their lives, so they can be in the know of what they are doing.
  5. Blog: Some celebrities also choose to have a blog on their personal website. They can discuss anything they want to on their blog from what is going on in their daily lives to things they are passionate about. Their blog can also be a place where they talk about things that can encourage and/or motivate their readers or ask their personal opinions on a certain subject.

How Having a Personal Website Can Contribute to a Celebrities Success

  1. Making Their Fans Feel Like Friends: A celebrity can use their personal website to create a personal connection with their fans. They can share information about their likes and dislikes, what is going on in their personal and professional lives, what they have been doing, and upcoming activities and events in their lives. A personal blog can also give their fans more insight about how they feel about things and what is going on in their lives.
  2. Self-Promotion: A personal website can also be a forum for self-promotion. They can share their activities, plans, and upcoming events to keep their fans informed about what they are doing. They can share information about albums they are making as well as upcoming tours. They can share personal videos of them as well as their music videos. Other things they can share is the creation of their books, movies, and videos and photos that depict what is going on in their personal life.
  3. Making Themselves More Relevant: There are times when a celebrity is viewed in a negative light in the public eye. A few years ago this would have meant their career is over. Once people quit talking about them meant that they were no longer famous. In this day and age, very few celebrities are considered “washed up.” Some celebrities are timeless actors or actresses people will never grow tired of. Even if the younger generations do not know anything about them, they can learn about on their website and through their social media presence.
  4. Changing The Mind of The Public: A lot of celebrities can use their personal website to “rebuild their brand.” It does not always work, but celebrities who have done something wrong in the eye of the public can apologize to them, offer an explanation for their actions, or otherwise “atone for their actions.” They are not always successful in this endeavor. However, when they are, they are usually very successful at it.If fans see a celebrity as humble, they are very likely to forgive them. Since it takes a big person to apologize for what they have done wrong, fans will flock to celebrities that will say they are sorry. The result of this is that they will buy their books, watch their movies, and buy the albums of celebrities will admit they have flaws and weaknesses.
  5. Promoting Their Own Interests: Celebrities are “brands unto themselves.” Whether they make music, star in movies or television shows, or write books, celebrities are not just people. They usually have other interests that make money for them as well. These interests can include having their own clothing line or hotel chain. Not only can they use their personal website to promote their books, movies, and music, they can also use them to promote their “side businesses” that make them a lot of money as well.

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As a digital design and development agency, we work with public relations agencies and managers of celebrities and public figures to ensure they look great in the public eye. Our clients count on us on a continual basis to keep their image nice and clean and the spotlight focused on them for fans, visitors, and audience. We hope you will come to us if you are ever in need of a celebrity website designer now or in the future.

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