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What Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Include


Here are a few important things your content marketing strategy should include.

Your Business Case

Your business case shows the innovation and ingenuity you have with content marketing. You should outline your reasons for creating certain content, what risks are involved, and have a vision for what success will look like. Once you can do this you are more likely to gain executive support for your strategy. With this support you are also more likely to gain permission to make an occasional mistake as you go through trial and error in finding what works out the best for your business.

Your Business Plan

Every business needs a concrete business plan within their content marketing strategy. It should include the goals you have for your content program, the unique value you seek to provide your target audience through your content, and the details of your business model. It should also include the obstacles and opportunities that may occur as your plan is executed.

Your Audience Personas and Content Maps

Audience personas describe the specific target audiences that the content you are creating is directed towards, what their needs are, and what the content engagement cycle will be once a campaign begins. You can also create content maps as a guide to deliver content along the buyer’s journey so you can move them closer to their goal.

Your Brand Story

Every business needs a brand story. This includes the ideas and messages you want to communicate through your content marketing, how your messaging is different from your competitions, and how you see the marketplace will change or evolve once you have shared these ideas with your audience.

Your Channel Plan

A channel plan includes the platforms you will create content to in order to tell your story. It will outline what your criteria is, processes, and objectives are for each channel or platform and how your business will connect to them in order to create a cohesive brand conversation.

After careful planning and consideration with each of these factors you will be well on your way to forming a comprehensive Content marketing strategy to build your business and compete in the marketplace.

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