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Overhauling Your First Page Posts


The saying goes “writing is rewriting” and that adage holds true even when it comes to SEO marketing and content creation. Your “almost” first page post can always use work to guarantee a higher ranking in search engines and increase traffic. Here are a few ideas to make sure your content is optimized online and ready to create more conversions for your business.

Look for posts that almost rank high and rewrite them. Posts like this can be found in Google Analytics by going to Acquisition, Search Console, Queries and setting up an advanced filter to show the keyword phrases where the average position or rank is greater than 10, meaning the second page of a search engine result.

Once you find those articles you can give them an overhaul so that they perform better in search. You can add more detail, examples, answers, statistics, images, contributor quotes, and anything else that makes it a better piece for your potential customers. This can include things like user testimonials for a new product or a social media video that explains more about the service your company offers to the public.

By maximizing the quality of your content, it will naturally add length and better key phrases to your page. In this way you can produce a page that is stellar, will rank high, and garner more hits through an online search.

3 ways for a more effective overhaul:

  1. Check Rankings – When rewriting and optimizing a page make sure to check all the rankings of the page so you don’t hurt the relevance for an even better usable phrase.
  2. Check Subtopics – Pay attention to related subtopics as you do your rewrite. These subtopics are visible on the search results page in the “people also ask” and “related searches” section usually at the bottom of the page for most search engines.
  3. Do An Audit -This can be done as a regular quarterly content marketing audit to ensure the best results for your page and content.

By following these tips you make sure that your page will be top-notch and rank high, get more eyes on your content, increase traffic, and create more conversions for your business.

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