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How To Maximize User Engagement


If you build it (correctly), they will come.

When creating a website for your business it is important to maximize user engagement.  Here are a few tips to target your audience and make users into potential customers.

Clarity and Graphics

One of the first things to do is to make sure the pages for your website are clear and easy to read.  It is true that less is more, so shoot for brevity when possible with shorter paragraphs.

Make sure your content uses whitespace, headings, and relevant text to make the page more engaging.  Producing concise SEO copy is a good way to get your business information across quickly and easily.

Your website page should have multiple ways to absorb content.  Include images, infographics, and video to capture readers’ attention to increase the time they spend on a certain page.

Offers and Links

Another good way to maximize user engagement is to include offers and highly relevant links on a page.

Including offers on your pages is a good way to keep users interested. Having things like discount coupons, deals, and specials on products or even contests related to your business is a great way to keep customers engaged.

Internal links can answer your potential customer’s questions they have regarding certain topics.  By having articles, blogs, or information readily available you can decrease bounce rates and get consumers to click through and delve deeper into your site.

Provide Answers

Using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content is another strategy to maximize user engagement.  Google and other search engines use LSI algorithms to compare the relationships between terms, concepts, and ideas that are strongly and semantically-related to a certain topic.  Words or phrases that are conceptually tied to this topic should be used in your content.  This ties into the next tip.

Make sure to publish additional information and content to your site pages.  It’s good to answer more questions that your users might have after seeing the content you’ve already produced.  Providing only content that a user searches for and answering those questions isn’t enough considering the competition you face in your particular market.

You need to include additional information to engage and retain customers.  This is important in telling search engines that your content answers a certain search query but also includes that added information that other pages and content might not have.

Following these guidelines when creating pages for your website will be sure to keep users interested, engaged, and definitely coming back for more.

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