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NonStop Marketing – Planet Apparel SEO Keyword Strategy


SEO Keyword Strategy Lands Planet Apparel Big Collaboration

When it comes to SEO optimization of content it is important to make sure to include specific keywords to rank high and get the right people looking at your site.  Any marketing strategy begins with this.  It worked out well for our client Planet Apparel as they landed an amazing high-profile gig with renowned artist and designer Shepard Fairey.

Planet Apparel provided the fabrication and printing services for Fairey’s custom bandana featured on the latest cover of Time Magazine.

Keyword research directly affects every other SEO task that a business performs as they move forward.  This is why it is the first step in creating any SEO campaign no matter what type of market you’re in.

Keyword research should drive every part of any marketing strategy.  This includes the following:

  • Finding Topics – Discover what is popular amongst your key demographic
  • On-Page SEO –  Optimize your webpage’s content to rank higher in online searches and create more traffic to your site
  • Email Outreach – Reach your audience and earn more customers through keyword-rich direct emails
  • Content Promotion – Distribute online content like blog posts through different channels like advertising, social media, and even influencer outreach

Keyword research helps you discover what topics people actually care about and are trending.  If the right SEO tools are used you can discover what topics are popular are among your target audience and garner the attention of new customers and clients.

Recognizing its intrinsic value in SEO marketing is one of the most vital steps in creating a good marketing strategy that can lead to projects like Planet Apparel’s partnership with Fairey for Time Magazine.

The bandana they printed is featured in the illustration on the November 2, 2020 cover of Time and has the word “vote” printed across the tubular face covering of the subject in the artwork.

This is significant for its historical and political impact as it is the first time the magazine in its 100-year history changed its logo in any way.

By using the right keywords on their website and in their content, Planet Apparel was able to rank high in searches that led to this collaboration with Fairey and the creation of his custom printed bandanas.

Planet Apparel met the following three criteria to rank high in this particular instance:

  • Focus on what people were searching for online that was specific to their business
  • Answered questions about a certain topic that needed to be answered once people were directed to their website with the right keywords or phrases
  • Generated traffic through keyword searches that fulfilled their goal of marketing outreach

In finding keywords or phrases that had a high volume of searches, Planet Apparel was able to pinpoint and sort content into topic categories in order to create content about them.

Once that was done they were able to use specific topics to inform what keywords or phrases to include in their content whether they were blogs, press releases, ads, or copy on their website.

Without the right keyword research, you cannot drive traffic to your website, create sales, or land high-profile projects like Planet Apparel’s project.

It is key in bringing potential customers and clients to your sit. By doing so you can create a profitable plan and garner the attention of artists like Shepard Fairey with world-wide acclaim to amplify your business and brand even further.