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How HTTPS Increases Ranking On Google


HTTPS: Increase Your Ranking With Security

When we talk about rankings we tend to forget about core relevance.

For instance, having relevant SEO keywords on your site or page doesn’t exactly translate to guaranteed high rankings, but they are essential to rank at all.

The same can be said for HTTPS.  It won’t influence how that much where you rank in search results, but it is definitely needed so you can actually rank.

Everyday users on the web see HTTPS often in their browser whenever they go online to find answers or shop.

It is easy to find out if a web server has HTTPS configured by looking at the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in your browser’s web address bar.  When users see HTTPS it denotes the session between their browser and the web server on the mobile device or desktop used is encrypted.

So, what exactly is HTTPS when you see it in a web address?

HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure combines the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.  TLS is used in browsers and web servers for authentication and security protocol while SSL uses a public key to encrypt data that’s transferred over the SSL connection.

Most browsers support SSL. This allows you to communicate with the webserver securely.

Now that you know exactly what HTTPS it is even more important to see how it benefits you and your business website.

Security and Privacy

You need a secure website.  Period.

Probably the number one benefit for your website and your users is the security that HTTPS provides.  If it is running on HTTPS it means all the information and data your browser sends and receives from the server has strong encryption.  This prevents third-parties from “eavesdropping” on any information or data transfer and from performing any harmful malicious activity.

This is vital if your business has an e-commerce page, log-in system, or any interface that allows users to receive and transmit sensitive personal information like banking information or personal identification.

With HTTPS you are not only protecting your customers but also preventing any possible penalties or lawsuits that could occur if your customer’s information security is breached or compromised.

Perceived Security

With viruses, malware, and phishing becoming increasingly pervasive and problematic online, more consumers are more and more concerned about online privacy.

There is always news about major companies and tech giants having major security breaches that exploit all your private information and identity.

HTTPS is now “essential” and vital because of this increase of online security attacks.

Google is taking a stand by showing a warning when a site is not secure and not running HTTPS through Google Chrome.

These changes to their browser warn users if your site isn’t secure.  The warning doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with the site, but they are taking the responsibility to warn users to not input any sensitive or private information.

Even if you are able to rank without HTTPS, you will provide a bad user experience since your site is prone to hacks and security breaches.  Seeing a site that is not secure of course won’t instill confidence in your website from potential customers who visit it.

Consumers need to see the padlock icon in order to give them peace of mind about their private information.  If it is present, they will have trust in your website and will be more likely to return and eventually purchase your product or service.

SEO Boost

In 2014 Google included HTTPS as a ranking signal for their search engine algorithm.  It may be a small factor in your ranking in search results, but it is helpful when your site ties with a competitor on every other criteria signal.

If your website includes HTTPS, it will rank higher because of this added security measure.  If your goal is to compete in rankings with major SEO keywords it is foolish not to have HTTPS.

Website Performance

Another benefit of using HTTPS is that your website will get a performance boost if you are on the right web host.

The current HTTP protocol was creative over 15 years ago.  Instead of a simple HTML document with a few images, websites now boast multiple images, style sheets, JavaScripts and may also include external APIs (Application Programming Interface) from social media platforms and live chat apps.

HTTP/2 is a new technology protocol that web browsers use to connect to servers.  It was built with the modern web in mind to speed up connections between a user’s browser and server to dramatically increase the speed of page loading time.

HTTPS and the security it brings is essential not only to your business but also to the security and trust of your target audience.  Make sure your website is optimized with this to increase your ranking and ensure a safe experience for any potential customers.