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Why You Should Consider Combining Conversion Rate Optimization With SEO


Companies normally don’t include CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) in SEO marketing campaigns. Big mistake. Huge.

CRO actually fits well within many marketing channels.  Its success depends on how well you utilize it with SEO.

SEO and CRO have very distinct roles in marketing campaigns, but when combined they create huge cumulative gains that outweigh their success when individually used.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

So what is SEO? SEO’s main purpose is to create awareness of a business or property and generate website traffic to those websites.

SEO’s purpose is to ensure the delivery of coverage, awareness, and exposure to target audiences as they seek information and go through the purchase process. Algorithms in search engines use consumer’s behavior, search queries, and data sets to serve up the estimated answers to consumer questions for certain topics.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Unlike SEO, CRO doesn’t target audiences or drive awareness. It is primarily the active stage during a user’s time on a specific website.

CRO’s purpose is to increase the value of the traffic gained by maximizing interactions in order to increase the value derived for your business’ site from that specific user.

3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate CRO and SEO

Most Search Opportunity Is Pre-Click

The idea of “conversion” can enhance digital marketing goals even before users find your website.  What tends to be the initial conversion barrier is overcoming the obstacle of getting a potential customer to “click-through” your advertisement and be redirected to your site.

There is a gap in between impressions when users see advertisements, and actual clicks, when people actually navigate to your site.  It is here there is a lot of untapped opportunity for search marketing.

CTR (Click-through rate) optimization is an ongoing part of SEO delivery and can be supported with the CTA (call to action) depth of expertise through a combination of CRO and SEO.

Let Everything Work Harder

There is a continued mindset of businesses that “everything can work harder” bringing CRO to the forefront with SEO and other areas as well.

While there is value in combining CRO and SEO, CRO can work well on a holistic level integrating it with other channels like PPC (Pay Per Click).

Usually, SEO is one of the largest sources for website traffic with a low cost per visit associated with it making it an ideal pairing with CRO.

SEO increases the number of users landing on the parts of your site with commercial impact while CRO takes care of ongoing learning, constant iterative testing, and refining user experience.

More Traffic Isn’t Always the Answer

The right solution isn’t always increased traffic to your website.

Most emphasis in digital marketing is placed on generating traffic to your website.  If your first inclination is to generate even more traffic when you reach a blocker, you may be overlooking the actual problem.

This is more true for SEO than paid search because of the low comparative cost of traffic gained through organic search versus paid search.

The association with low-cost traffic and SEO can lead to excessive waste when it comes to the potential of SEO and its ability to generate revenue, as well as site benefits gained from the application of CRO.

SEO and CRO go hand-in-hand regarding traffic.  If you are already generating a large amount of traffic but not creating conversions there are two areas you should look into.

The first part is seeing if you are generating the right traffic which is the SEO aspect.  If the answer is yes, then the next part to look into is to find out why this traffic isn’t creating conversions (CRO).

SEO and CRO can target every aspect of the purchase pipeline. From generating awareness to creating action, each has a role in having a positive impact on outcomes.

Marketing becomes more invaluable and impactful as companies increase the emphasis on tracking and improving the value from marketing channels as well as the direct value attributed to them in isolation.  Therefore it’s good to integrate SEO and CRO in your overall marketing plan.

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