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How To Make High Converting Thank You Pages


They say gratitude goes a long way and that holds true even when it comes to marketing.

Thank You’s are important on a business website when engaging users and potential customers.

Whenever you buy something online you’ll probably get a “thank you” email from the seller.  Good “thank you” emails can enhance the users buying experience.  This has become a standard practice for most online transactions, but it can be difficult to make sure that your “thank you’s” make an impact and are sincere.

You should make sure to optimize your Thank You Page to transform it into a stealth selling machine for your e-commerce store or website.  If you don’t, you run the risk of having a bad start with your new customer.

Most businesses underutilize their Thank You Pages and don’t ask potential return customers to take action.  They miss many opportunities to increase revenue when they overlook this process and in many cases don’t even know they are missing out on it.

Here are some tips to make sure you take advantage of using Thank You Pages.


  1. Referrals

More than three-quarters of consumers say word-of-mouth is a key factor in their purchasing decision.

Therefore it’s not surprising that many businesses offer “refer a friend” options or ask that you refer a friend or family member when you sign up.

  1. Social Shares

Making requests of your target audience varies depending on demographics or their own feelings or biases.  For instance, if your potential customers find you through Facebook, it’s easier to ask them to hit the “like” button than for a referral to a friend or family member.

  1. Discounts

Offering discounts is an integral part of the e-commerce business.  The trick is to know how to balance these offers.  If done too often your customers expect them, but if you do it only a few times you run the risk of them going to another competitor.

  1. Nurture Leads

Any potential customer enters at a different stage of the buyer’s journey then they discover your site.  Some users are still looking for initial answers to their question or problem, while others already have identified it and are looking for an answer or solution and are ready to make a purchase.

It’s important to offer varying choices for these different sets of users.  Once you opt into a business you have the choice of learning more about your question if you are new by reading free content based on it or if you are further along in the process you can take a free assessment.

  1. Link to Your Most Popular Content

A reader will opt into your website if they believe they gain value from your content and it answers their questions or they think your business will continue to give them value.

Knowing this, it is best to meet the expectations of your potential customers in the buyer’s journey as much as you can.

Linking your most popular content from a Thank You Page will benefit the user but also your website by having more eyes on your content.  The more views the higher the link-building opportunity, leading to your content ranking higher in search engine results.

  1. Surveys

You can learn a great deal about your audience through surveys like their goals, pain points, and desires in order to create targeted marketing content.

  1. Give Additional content

Linking relevant content to your Thank You Page creates an insightful resource for users and helps them in their purchasing decision without it coming across as spammy.

  1. Next Steps

Adding “next steps” like giving your business a call, filling out additional information, or checking out sent emails is a good way to give users their next course of action.

  1. Navigation

Some websites remove navigation on landing pages to limit distractions for their visitors, but once they reach a Thank You Page the conversion process is complete.  It’s good to reestablish navigation to allow users to go back and browse your site more.

  1. Chat Them Up

Adding a chatbot on your Thank You Page allows your users to ask questions immediately in real-time in a more interactive way to help guide them in the buyer’s journey.

You don’t want to provide more than one or two next steps in the on-page content, but you do want to create conversational paths that provide alternatives based on the information they input.  This way if your initial next steps aren’t helpful, they can be directed to another user-friendly step.

  1. Elevate With Testimonials

Customers tend to engage more after seeing and reading positive reviews.

Including testimonials and case studies on your Thank You Page are a great marketing tool since most people are more likely to make a purchase or give their personal information in exchange for these enticing customer success stories.

  1. Everyone Loves Video

Speaking of engagement, video is probably the most engaging form of content.  Having a video on your landing page can boost conversions up to 80% so it’s a good idea to add them to your Thank You Page as well.

  1. Add Links for Related Products

Adding affiliate links to products related to what they are interested in is a good strategy for increasing user engagement and redirects them back to your website.

Here are a few examples of high-converting Thank You Pages:


Unbounce is considered one of the best when it comes to lead generation. Their ultimate guide spells out exactly what you are going to get and they include an offer for a 57-page PDF that includes the landing page process, examples, and other useful information.


Intechnic is another great example of a highly-optimized Thank You Page.

It includes a video on the page, states the assets you will receive in “Simple SEO Strategies that Will Always Work”, additional relevant content, and additional Call-to-Action.

It also includes social media options to connect with them and a navigation menu that lets users continue their journey on their site.


Hubspot allows you the option of downloading files as well as sharing on your social connections.

It also includes a secondary offer for free marketing advice, a direct phone number to connect to a representative, and personalized messages to generate more interest in their offers.

As a final tip, it’s best to not overuse your Thank You Page.  While this is a substantial list of tips, it’s best to be selective.

Know your target audience and potential customers and make sure not to overwhelm them.  It’s best to focus on a few best practices, find out what works for your business, and plan and iterate that accordingly.

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