5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021


In the ever-changing digital marketing industry, where marketing strategies are constantly changing and companies are always adopting new tactics, more is being asked of marketers. It can be difficult to know what is relevant for your business and what will provide a return on investment.

This blog post has compiled a list of key trends that have and will continue to be popular in the year 2021. By taking a look at some of these predictions for the coming year, you can create an action plan for how you’ll capitalize on these opportunities.

Inclusivity improves outcomes for customers

This year, we’ve seen a rise in conversations surrounding diversity and representation; however, there is still more work to be done. Some brands are looking to move past the representation conversation and into a time of inclusivity.

Inclusivity is defined as being open or tolerant of others who are different from oneself: the quality or state of being open to all people regardless of race, gender, age, sexuality, etc. Inclusivity has been shown to improve outcomes for customers. Brands that are inclusive often have happier staffs who feel valued; therefore having happier customers who feel more appreciated and supported by the brand.

No-click searches for websites

No-click websites are web pages that allow the user to browse without having to click any links.

For example, if you were looking at a search engine for an apartment, and you wanted to find one that had wood floors instead of carpet, no-click searches will allow you to find the type of apartment you’re looking for without having to click through links or pages.

Now that we have search engines as the primary method of information discovery, it’s important to look at how people are finding the information they need. This is a no-click world.

In this new mode, there is no need to click through from one screen to another and it’s becoming more and more common for users to organically discover content on their own without having a purposeful intent to find that same piece of content.

Make your digital marketing program feel more personalized

Use psychographics and not just demographics to increase brand loyalty and connect with your customers on a deeper level. While demographics such as age, gender, location, and income can help you understand the behavior of your customer base, psychographics such as values, attitudes, and interests are used to personalize the experience for customers.

People will interact differently with brands based on these factors. If you want a better understanding of how your customers view themselves and their world, try using surveys or interviews to find out their attitudes and values instead of just their demographic information.

Conversational commerce

Conversational commerce allows consumers and businesses to engage in a conversation based on their mutual interests. The idea is that the consumer can discover products and services they are interested in directly from the company’s website or app.

Conversational commerce in websites will be the norm rather than the exception. It’s easier and more engaging to talk with people that you already know and trust. In 2021, consumers will expect to be able to engage with a brand they already have a relationship with when making purchases.

Customer service is favored over online reviews

Customer service has been a top priority for brands since the birth of the internet. However, it’s important to keep in mind that customers don’t always prefer to use online reviews as their main method of outreach to a brand.

In fact, customer service is now more popular with consumers than online reviews. This suggests that while brands continue doing what they do best, they should also look at how they can become more personable and appeal to their customers on a deeper level.

If you’re looking at ways to connect with your customers, consider using live chat or video instead of just relying on your website and emails.

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