Increase Your Click Through Rate-Blog

Your CTR or Click-Through Rate is a test of how well your marketing strategy and the campaigns you create from it performs in the market. The CTR of your business is the main KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that determines how successful these campaigns are.  It measures the number of people that click on your business’ […]

When Keywords Meet Culture-Blog

SEO Keyword Strategy Lands Planet Apparel Big Collaboration When it comes to SEO optimization of content it is important to make sure to include specific keywords to rank high and get the right people looking at your site.  Any marketing strategy begins with this.  It worked out well for our client Planet Apparel as they

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Tap The Potential Of Video-Blog

Let’s be honest. Reading isn’t all that exciting. People want shorter headlines and smaller digestible pieces of content. One of the best SEO tips is quality over quantity. Simply having a large number of indexed pages doesn’t necessarily mean your site will attract a larger volume of organic traffic. It’s important to cut shallow posts

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Focus On User Experience-Blog

User Experience includes the customer’s attitude surrounding a particular product, or service. It is the appreciation and emotions that your business’ brand, message or story, and content elicits. These signals are a vital part of search engine ranking. RankBrain is an important ranking factor when it comes to Google’s search engine and it continues to

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