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Golden arches are for burgers. That red bullseye makes you want to run out to the store and buy stuff.  It’s important to have a brand that becomes ingrained in the consumers mind and your customers everyday life.

NonStop Marketing offers branding and design services whether you are a new company or an established business looking to rebrand.

Branding includes a distinct and memorable logo but also a design aesthetic that tells your story.  This includes having the right colors, typography, tone, and information to attract and retain customers.


Our Brand and Design Services include:

Logo Design

Create a logo that evokes your company’s brand and story

Brand Positioning

We create a strategy to elevate your brand, create a distinct identity, and reach that level above the competition

Social Networks Branding

Attract new potential customers while also retaining loyalty of your existing customer base across social media

Consistency is key.  We provide services to make sure your brand has the same feel and aesthetic across all social media platforms.

We help you reach that space where you stand out from the competition and make sure you have a distinct identity in the marketplace.

Every major company periodically releases new branding and design to keep their brand fresh and new.  Companies also go through rebranding to keep up with current tastes as demographics and communities grow and change. This is important for brand recognition and to maintain yourself in the public eye and within your specific industry.

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