Focus on User Experience


User Experience includes the customer’s attitude surrounding a particular product, or service. It is the appreciation and emotions that your business’ brand, message or story, and content elicits. These signals are a vital part of search engine ranking.

RankBrain is an important ranking factor when it comes to Google’s search engine and it continues to be relevant since its announcement in 2015. It is a machine learning-based search engine algorithm that helps Google process search results and provides relevant results for users.

Results in search engines are ranked by RankBrain by monitoring how online users interact with certain search results. For instance, if a person clicks on a result and immediately bounces from a site, that site will drop in ranking. However, if a user clicks on a result and stays on the site, that site will stay higher in ranking. This is all based on the user experience with a particular site.

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and RankBrain, it is important to optimize your site content using medium-tail keywords.

Medium-tail keywords (aka ‘chunky keywords’) are moderately competitive key terms that are two to three words long that are more specific than short-tail keywords, meaning they aren’t as broad and therefore less competitive. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are more specific and would be even less competitive but yield low search volume.

By optimizing your page around medium tail keywords, RankBrain will automatically rank you for that term and thousands of similar keywords allowing more visibility and hits online.

It still takes a lot of work to get pages targeting these terms to rank well. Your businesses content needs to be high quality with inbound links if you want search engines to pay attention to your site.

In addition to optimizing for medium tail keywords, RankBrain looks at:

Dwell Time: How long a potential customer stays on your site after clicking the link from online search engine results (over 3 minutes or so is usually a good frame of time).

Click-Through Rate: The percentage of searchers who click on your search result. This measures the success of an online advertising campaign and the effectiveness of email campaigns a well.

By keeping in mind algorithms like Google’s RankBrain when producing content for your site to create a strong user experience, you will be sure to rank high in search engines and garner more conversions for your company.