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Social Media isn’t just for obnoxious influencers or posting selfies of yourself. It’s a powerful tool in reaching new audiences and creating a community focused on your brand.

It’s important to see where customers look to purchase services and products and that’s primarily done through social media channels.

NonStop Marketing ensures that your brand is strong and consistent across all social media platforms. We make sure you have the same tone across all Social Media platforms, but also tweak your “voice” and tailor it for specific audiences.

It’s important to foster awareness of your brand and product to create a community that believes in your brand. Social media is key in creating buzz but also essential to creating this community to support the growth of your business.
Engagement is key. Customers gravitate towards interaction with producers of the products or services that pique their interest. This can be done through video or photography, direct replies and responses, or content that falls in line with your customers tastes.

Through social interaction like rating systems and customer reviews, customers can create a common bond with a group that can propel your product into the cultural zeitgeist.
We make sure your community is dedicated to whatever product or service you provide and how well you do it by maintaining this ever-present social media presence.

Everything doesn’t need to go “viral” but in the past few years it’s been proven that strong visibility through social media gets the most attention and generates interest in your brand.

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Make It

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Social Media Marketing Pricing

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$$199 Setup
$199 Setup
$199 Setup

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Google My Business
Posts Per Month122040
Page Monitoring
Page Customer Review Responses
Boost Ad Management (Basic)
Dedicated Account Manager


Local Search Engine OptimizationOnsite SEO1 Link5
Hosting and Maintenance, Backups & Hack Repair
Content Updates135

Email Marketing

Outreach to Potential CustomersCapture only12
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