Tap the Potential of Video


Let’s be honest. Reading isn’t all that exciting. People want shorter headlines and smaller digestible pieces of content.

One of the best SEO tips is quality over quantity. Simply having a large number of indexed pages doesn’t necessarily mean your site will attract a larger volume of organic traffic.

It’s important to cut shallow posts on blogs that either has low word count or superficial content. In other words “cut the fluff”. Focus on meaningful content instead that’s highly engaging and makes visitors want to read through a complete article.

Even more, online customers prefer to watch informative or entertaining videos over having to sit at their computer or device and read something that’s long and cumbersome. Users might quickly run through a one minute video but might not have the attention span to read a 100-word article.

Video marketing is a huge source of online traffic. Surprisingly though some marketers still ignore its potential.

Video content has a lot of untapped potentials which is great for SEO and makes for good user engagement.

Online video is huge and only getting bigger, especially for marketing. Online video is projected to make up 80% of all online traffic by 2021. Even with the overwhelming amount of video content out there, over 43% of online users say they still want even more of it.

With that being said here a few tips to improve the performance of your video content:

  • Optimize the audio and video quality of your videos as well as graphics and images
  • Update the title and description of older videos to enter they are searchable and relevant
  • Integrate videos into the rest of your site content whether it be blogs, testimonials, or instructional videos

When creating content for your business and marketing campaign, you should focus on producing fresh and engaging video content to ensure you get the attention your company deserves.