What Sites Should My Business Be Listed On?


If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a small business owner looking for ways to get more visibility online. In this post, we will go through some of the most important websites for your business, and why they matter.


We’ll start with Facebook, which is one of the largest social networking sites in the world. On this site, it is vital to set up an official page for your company and then link it to your other online presence such as blog or Twitter. This site will allow you to connect with both your potential current customers as well as potential future customers through advertisements and business pages.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool from Google to help you manage your business’s online presence. You can claim your business, edit its information, and see how it ranks on Google and other sites. You can also request feedback from people who visit your business if you’re interested in improving the quality of service.


Twitter is becoming more and more popular nowadays for the many benefits it offers. Some benefits that come with using Twitter are an increase in online visibility, networking opportunities with other users on the website, and following what’s happening in your industry at the moment.


Yelp helps with online visibility by “showing” what your website looks like at the right time and on the right device. It’s a website that aggregates reviews about businesses, both from professional reviewers and its own users. Yelp displays user-generated reviews from across the web.

The company offers free business owner accounts that are claimed no later than 14 days after an order has been placed, which helps get a listing on Yelp’s database of establishments with the physical contact information like addresses, phone numbers, and websites set as “potential business information.”

Yelp has become a major player in online marketing for local companies by directing traffic to their website through unpaid reviews and advertisements.


LinkedIn is an essential tool for any restaurant business owner. Whether you are an indie or a franchisee, you want to make the best possible connections to get the most opportunities out of your business. You can do this by leveraging LinkedIn to your full potential.

As a result of the professional nature of LinkedIn, it’s also a great resource for learning about trends and news. Using LinkedIn as your primary research tool will help you understand what consumers really want from restaurants and what they expect to experience when they go out. In particular, looking at these trends can be used as a way of generating new ideas that will lead to higher sales numbers for your restaurant business in the future.


Get your restaurant business listed on Instagram for online visibility. You can increase the visibility of your restaurant business and get great results in promoting a new menu, event, or product launch.

Instagram exists as a social media platform that is exclusively dedicated to photo sharing. It works through a mobile app or web-based program that allows users to take pictures and videos then post them on their account for other users to see in what is known as “the feed”. Instagram has gained worldwide popularity with many different types of people wanting to use it including individual users, celebrities, brands, and companies who have found its ability to connect with customers invaluable.

A Restaurant Website

Aside from the social media sites, it is important to have a restaurant website, and even a blog so that potential clients can get a better idea of your business. A website is also important so that your clients can get directions and more information about your location, as well as having a place to store important information such as menus, prices, etc.

A blog is also useful for the same reasons – it allows potential clients to read about what you have to offer before they actually visit you. Moreover, having a blog can help increase how often people visit your website and your Google ranking through the popularity of the website’s content.

Finally, having an online newsletter goes hand in hand with having a web presence. Set up a newsletter to your website (or even your Facebook page) so that the content you create (articles or blog posts) can be easily accessed by people.

For more information on the web presence, contact us and we will help you to not only increase your online presence but also to optimize your website for better reach and greater profits. Sign up now for a restaurant website.

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