If you’re a restaurant owner, it’s just not enough to have a brick-and-mortar location. You need an online presence to promote your restaurant, brand, and menu. And with social media driving society in the 21st century, businesses that create content that is impactful translate into success. From hosting an event on Facebook Live to having

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Choosing the correct domain name for your restaurant website can make or break how many visitors and traffic may visit your website. The challenge in choosing the best domain name starts with branding, search engine relevance and remember-ability and retention. Listed in this article are several tips to help you choose the best website name

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It’s a common misconception that every restaurant website needs to have a complete visual overhaul. It’s not necessary, but it is often the best way to create the impression of an established business with a high-value product or service. This means your site should stand out visually from your competitors, and be able to accommodate

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