Whether you’re a small business, an established one, or running a restaurant, it is vital to have an online presence. A website is key no matter what industry you are in since most potential customers will visit your website before making any decisions. The quality of your website will have a direct impact on the […]

Snippets, also known as Answer Boxes, are quick summaries of answers to a user’s inquiry in a search engine.  They give answers to users without them having to click open a specific webpage. About 11% of search engine results have a Featured Snippet.  They are the search results that appear on pages after ads but

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Let’s be honest. Reading isn’t all that exciting. People want shorter headlines and smaller digestible pieces of content. One of the best SEO tips is quality over quantity. Simply having a large number of indexed pages doesn’t necessarily mean your site will attract a larger volume of organic traffic. It’s important to cut shallow posts

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User Experience includes the customer’s attitude surrounding a particular product, or service. It is the appreciation and emotions that your business’ brand, message or story, and content elicits. These signals are a vital part of search engine ranking. RankBrain is an important ranking factor when it comes to Google’s search engine and it continues to

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