About Us

About NonStop Marketing

Mission Fulfillment

We are on a mission to fulfill entrepreneurs’ expectations and sales goals.
When done right, a company’s online presence should be a nonstop lead generating machine.

User Experience

We believe websites should be an asset to a company and never a liability. 

A well designed website and social presence will bring a nice return on your investment. Great design, proper user experience, and the right marketing will turn your website into a sales agent that works for you 24 hours a day.

NonStop Marketing offers design, development and marketing services provided by team of experts in their field. Brand and story telling, search engine optimization, creative designers, developers, project managers and more will help ensure your job is completed to your satisfaction.

We love our customers and we looking forward to working with you!

Meet Phelan Riessen

The Founder of NonStop Marketing

Phelan designed his first website in 1996 before most people even knew what the World Wide Web was.  He was the co-founder at Unchained Graphix, a custom T-shirt printing company that also sold their own brand of apparel to U.S. retailers and international distributors. Combined with his next venture Planet Apparel, he had the pleasure to work with a ~1000 customers varying from solo-preneurs, restaurant owners, musicians to corporate executives to help them design marketing products to promote their ideas and brands.

If you live in sunny San Diego, there’s a good chance you may already know Phelan Riessen. You’ll likely find him at a networking event listening and sharing his ideas on how to best move forward with entrepreneurs’ business ideas, goals,  and challenges. Or you may hear that he’s collaborating on a new startup community initiative.

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