What Is Content Strategy?

Content is king. It has become a cliché, but it is definitely the truth when it comes to any business that you are trying to launch or any product or service you are trying to market successfully.

Content strategy describes various aspects of content creation and how it ties into an overall marketing strategy. This includes the management, planning, creation, and distribution of any tangible media content whether it be written, visual, or digital in all its online forms to hit specific business and marketing goals.

The main three factors consist of identifying the needs of your business, evaluating content to meet those needs, and planning how to create your content.

Content strategy includes:

  • Content Planning – Creating a roadmap and a timeline for content creation
  • Content Marketing – Setting goals, targeting your audience, and creating leads
  • Data Gathering – This includes SEO and keyword research
  • Social Media Strategy – How to leverage social media platforms to market your content or product

Having a story that strongly promotes your brand is essential to content strategy. How your content supports and promotes your brand is essential to resonating with your target audience.

Content strategy creates a connection between content efforts in realizing your business goals and how they impact the needs of your users or customers. All actions related to content should link back to those requirements.

Here is a set of steps that you can take for forming a strategy for your business.

  • Have a business objective – An objective can range from being a top seller of a certain product providing the best provider or an online service. Without one you can’t form a content strategy.
  • Know your audience – Discover what the audience needs or wants through surveys and research.
  • Set goals – Establish benchmarks to achieve success for a project whether it be hitting a specific number of sales or gaining a certain number of subscribers for your business on social media.
  • Ideate – Brainstorm and come up with ideas and concepts to create what your audience needs or wants.
  • Prototype – Test content with your audience and see if their reactions align with your goals.
  • Iterate – Make observations of how your customers react. This can be performed several times before producing a full project initiative.
  • Publish – Once you’ve found what works you can focus on creating the full breadth of content needed.

A large part of content strategy is also ensuring that this part of your wider marketing plan proves to your audience or potential customers that you have a top product or an expert in the service you provide.

Content is king, so make sure you know the basics of content strategy to rule your kingdom and slay the competition.