The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Reservation Systems


What is a Restaurant Reservation System?

If you’ve ever had to make a restaurant reservation, chances are you are aware of the pain that can ensue when trying to secure a table. A restaurant reservation system is essentially a database that allows customers to enter their desired time and date for a table in the near future, and it sends out automated electronic reminders as the time draws closer. Most restaurants also offer an online version that allows customers to bring up a calendar containing available openings, as well as making it easier to book tables in advance. Some restaurants use both online and phone-based versions of these systems.

​The Availability of a Restaurant Reservation System Offers Many Benefits

  • It allows reservations to be made in advance and/or easily released if the situation changes. Many customers prefer to make their reservations online, especially if they are dealing with a busy schedule. A lack of availability on the day of the reservation can discourage people from taking the time to make a reservation at all.
  • Provides personalized service for individual customers and makes it easier for them to help guests with special requests and questions regarding booking their table. A quick glance at your guest’s previous orders or preferences can help you give them the best possible experience while dining at your restaurant.
  • Allows customers the freedom to make a reservation from anywhere and at any time. Gone are the days of being tied down to a phone line in order to secure a table. You can happily take care of other tasks while your customers book their tables without any interruptions. Not only that, but you will no longer miss out on reservations from customers who do not prefer making calls!
  • Provides restaurants with information regarding customer trends and patterns. With online booking systems, you will be able to gauge customer interest and know where to improve or expand your restaurant if necessary. All of this information is invaluable for any business owner looking to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.

Restaurant Reservation Systems


This system is widely popular and widely used, especially in the United States. Not only is it reliable, but it is also user-friendly and has many useful features. It offers payment options that include credit card and PayPal payments, as well as integration with GrubHub and DeliveryHero. It is easy to learn how to use OpenTable’s features to their full potential, making it an optimal choice for restaurants of all sizes. Pricing for this system varies depending on your needs; you can choose from different packages that cover different service levels at different rates.

Price: $249 per month

$1.00/seated diner booked on OpenTable or $0.25/seated diner booked on your restaurant’s website

Yelp Reservation Systems

With the recent merger of Yelp Reservations and OpenTable in all Yelp markets, Yelp will be offering a reservation system that features both online and phone booking. This will be a huge benefit to restaurants since Yelp is one of the most widely used platforms for reviews. With their new reservation system feature, customers will not only be able to make reservations from within the Yelp app (or website), but they will also be able to request modifications if need be. This is made possible by integration with OpenTable for cancellations and no-shows. Customers can also preorder from their favorite restaurants using the new application feature called “Order Ahead”.

Price: $299 per month is a flat rate for all services.


EatApp allows customers to make reservations for food and drinks directly from their phones. This is done by selecting “Book Now” when they are in the app, and the reservation will be confirmed instantly due to your extensive database of restaurants.

Price: $119 per month when billed yearly
$159 per month when billed monthly


Tablein is a great new online reservation system that allows you to easily record reservations and track customer information. With their highly trained staff available via phone 24/7, your business will always be in good hands. They also offer a paid version of their service that offers much more detailed statistics and analytics.


$49 per month for a standard package

$95 per month for a premium package


Resy is a new reservation system created by the founders of Reserve, which is another popular online reservation system. Resy works with online reservations as well as phone calls and text messages. It offers a lot of great features for businesses that use it, such as tracking guest information and filtering out invalid reservations. This service also integrates with other major platforms such as Facebook and Google+. This is a great choice for restaurants that hope to take advantage of social media to boost business.

$249 per month for Platform level
$399 per month for Platform 360 level
$899 per month for Full Stack level


Tock is a great online reservation system created by Danny Meyer, a restaurateur who specializes in fine dining. This system has a lot to offer businesses, including real-time tracking of multiple restaurants and interactive menus and ratings. It offers many useful features that make it easier for customers to view menus and prices. Because it is owned by Danny Meyer, you can be sure that this platform takes hospitality very seriously.

$199 per month for Plus with a 2% fee on prepaid reservations
$699 per month for Pro with no fee for prepaid reservations


Wisely is an online reservation system that allows you to track customers’ information and book reservations over the phone. It also has features for taking orders for delivery or take out, which is a huge help when your restaurant gets really busy. In addition to its many features, it also integrates with other big platforms such as Seamless and Yelp. Wisely also offers high-quality customer service and a wide variety of plans to suit your needs.

Price: Operations Software package (billed annually)
$200 per location, per month
$150 per month for 301-800 tables
$220 per month for more than 800
Growth Software package (billed annually)
$215 or monthly at $260 per month
$40,000 to $50,000 branded apps

Table Agent

Table Agent is a reservation service for smaller businesses that allows you to manage a single restaurant or multiple locations. You will be charged per month based on the number of tables you have and your table capacity.

Free of cost system for the basic features
Add-on subscriptions available


Eveve is a restaurant reservation software that makes reservations and booking easy. With Eveve, customers can make their reservations with just one click. It’s as simple as it gets. There is no need to fill out several steps or fill out long forms. Eveve is the easiest way to book a table online for your business.

$150-300 per month, with no additional fees per diner

Restaurant Reservation – Table Booking with Seat Reservation for WooCommerce

Restaurant Reservation is a simple, flexible, and secure WordPress plugin designed to bridge the gap between your online reservation system and WooCommerce. It allows you to provide your clients with Seat Reservation options, in addition to a custom-built booking form.

$34 regular license
$425 extended license

SmartForm – PHP Working Ajax Advanced Multipurpose Form

SmartForm is a PHP form builder for web applications. It is a highly configurable, Ajax-powered tool that enables you to easily create customized forms, with features such as unlimited form fields, advanced validation, and data storage.

$15 regular license
$65 extended license

Restaurant Reservations

Dineout is an online restaurant reservations platform that serves over 3000 restaurants across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. It allows users to make reservations through their website or social media channels and has an enhanced search algorithm that enables users to receive real-time availability updates.

Price: $59 single site license
$179 5 site license
$299 10 site license

ReDi Restaurant Reservation

ReDi Restaurant Reservation is an online restaurant booking platform that allows users to book tables and restaurants through their website or social media channels. The site is currently active in three cities – Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Netanya.

$69 regular license
$104 extended license

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is ideal for restaurants that want to list their availability on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It is also possible to set custom prices for different days, combine both recurring & one-time reservations and even use different calendars for various groups. Calendars can be easily integrated with Facebook, Google+, and WordPress websites.

Price: $47.40 personal
$389.40 multi-user

Quick Restaurant Reservations

Quick Restaurant Reservations is an online booking solution that allows users to make reservations and book tables via their website, social media channels, or mobile application. It boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to place a reservation or modify an existing one.

Price: $59 add-on capacity
$39 add-on custom fields

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar for restaurants is an online booking and reservation tool that offers limitless opportunities for customizable options. This powerful booking system includes a standard calendar, but you can also customize the settings to add extra fields and features. It works for multiple types of events including birthdays, weddings, conferences, and more.

Price: $89 pro license


MotoPress is an online booking platform for restaurants that allows you to track your customers’ bookings and wait times, create customized menus, and integrate with other platforms such as Facebook and Google+. It is very easy to use, as shown by the large number of users who have chosen it: more than four million. You can also opt for a free download of their software to manage your restaurants in times of need.

Price: Starts at $79.00 per user, per year, offers free trial

Food and Drink Menu

Food and Drink Menu is an online reservations solution for your restaurant that allows your customers to make reservations online or through their social media profiles. This feature-rich platform comes with a dedicated customer service team to provide you with the highest quality of support for a more enjoyable business experience.

Price: No available pricing

SevenRooms Reservation Software

SevenRooms is an online reservation system for restaurants simplifies the process of accepting direct reservations through various channels such as your website, social media, and email marketing. What’s even more impressive is that they can connect your restaurant to numerous popular booking channels including Google, TripAdvisor, and other global platforms. This integration not only saves you money but also helps you increase your guest database at a faster rate. With SevenRooms, managing your online availability across multiple booking channels is a breeze. Their system prioritizes fee-free, direct reservations, so you can ensure that your reservation book is filled with the most profitable bookings.

Price: No available pricing


GloriaFood is an online food and drinks reservation platform that allows clients to make reservations through their social media profiles and website. It also has a section that allows you to add coupons for different dates and time slots, which is great for businesses that want to attract new customers.

Price: NO commissions, NO setup fees, NO monthly fees

We hope you find this list of restaurant reservation systems to be your guide to choosing which online system would be the best fit for you and your business. If you find it difficult to select one, ask us for recommendations and check out the list of reservation systems above. We have tried our best to include some of the best available, however, there are several other restaurant reservation systems that we did not include for various reasons.

Our team has been working with restaurants and other business owners for over a decade and has the ability to offer personalized recommendations that make choosing an online reservation system easier. We will be happy to assist you with your selection based on your criteria, whether it is the quality of features, accessibility of features, or the overall user satisfaction with the quality and efficiency of the system.

If you need more information about restaurant reservation systems, we encourage you to contact us. Ready for a boost in your digital presence? Sign up today.

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