How Do I Write About Us for a Restaurant Website?


An About Us page for a restaurant website is usually a good place to start. These pages are the home base for your restaurant, where you can provide some background about your restaurant, what makes it unique, why visitors should come to experience it for themselves, and how to contact the establishment. You might have an About Us page or two that leads readers to more specific pages containing that information.

For example:

  • Check out our Menu page for all of the dishes we offer and details about what makes them special.
  • Visit our Recipes page if you want to whip up some old favorites at home!
  • Visit our History page if you want a bit of insight into how we got started and who founded us.

How do you write about your restaurant for a restaurant website? Easily! Just use these five steps.

  1. Focus on the food! This is true for writing descriptions of the menu offerings as well as writing descriptions of the service staff and other aspects of your restaurant. First, focus on your restaurant’s dedication to taste and freshness. Who doesn’t want to eat a meal that is over-the-top scrumptious? Cooks are constantly on their toes, trying new recipes and being creative in order to provide the best possible meals they can offer.
  1. Headspace for Your Reader’s Sense of Adventure. When you are writing descriptions of your restaurant, try to incorporate some novel elements as well as a unique point of view about the establishment and its history. Readers appreciate a sense of adventure and can see that if they take the time to read your restaurant’s About Us page, they’re in for a special food getaway.
  1. Creating Personal Engagement with Readership. You should strive to make your readers feel like they know you like they’re sitting down and having dinner with you, instead of just another faceless business person in order to engage their senses more so than their brains. When writing about yourself or your restaurant, be sure to use simple language with universal meaning.
  1. Making Personal Connection with the Reader. When you want to write about yourself or your restaurant, try to incorporate visual descriptions that continue to capture the attention of the reader’s senses. From the color shades in your website’s background image, to how your smiling face appears in an enlarged photo on your About Us page, it all helps portray a more personal perspective on what makes your restaurant special and why readership should come to visit you for dinner.
  1. Redefine the Culture of Your Restaurant. Let’s face it, everyone wants to meet the owners of a restaurant they love! This is a great opportunity for you to share some of that passion and help your readership feel like they’re part of a special community. Try to share some pieces of information that can help them feel as if they know you, even though you may not actually have time to get personally acquainted with everyone who reads your About Us page.

These five steps should help you write about your restaurant without much effort.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to write about yourself or your business on a website for the purpose of promoting your business.

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