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One Way Restaurants Can Go Contactless During Covid-19


NonStop Marketing has stepped up to produce solutions for San Diego’s local restaurants and breweries as they adapt during these difficult times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Protector Brewery, San Diego’s first and only producer of organic craft beer, needed to rapidly change their business model in order to continue serving their community and maintain the livelihood of their team. In addition to distributing their product to local grocery chains in San Diego and Los Angeles, Protector Brewery also operated a tasting room for local customers to enjoy their wide selection of craft beer.

With state mandated closures to keep the public and the community safe they were ordered to close up shop on it. This shutdown coupled with people needing to “shelter in place” called for a new process to keep this part of their business going and their customer base content as they sequestered themselves in quarantine.

NonStop Marketing was tasked by Protector Brewery to assist in pivoting from in-person service to a new “contactless” option. Our team came up with solutions to adhere to the “social distancing” measures and guidelines outlined by the San Diego Department of Health and the CDC.

A local delivery system and a to-go option were both established to use excess inventory and to ensure product availability to Protector Brewery’s loyal customer base who are otherwise unable to shop outside on their own.

Customers can now order through their website for local delivery within a 30-mile radius on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 6pm or order ahead for curbside pick-up.

As businesses struggle to stay afloat in these harrowing times, NonStop Marketing is proud to support our community and help them in their time of need.

If you want to taste the outcome of NonStop Marketing’s success, check out Protector Brewery and order a keg or two.

Local Delivery:

Curbside Pick-Up:

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