A lot of people who are just starting out in the online business world think that SEO is a black and white process with an end goal. Setting up a website, hosting it, and optimizing it is all you need to do to have your website’s SEO optimized. But while these tasks are important, they […]

When it comes to designing a website, choosing the right layout is crucial. The layout determines how your content is presented and how users interact with it. There are four popular website layouts: fixed-site, liquid site, mobile-first, and responsive design. Each layout has its own strengths and weaknesses, and selecting the best one depends on

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Building a solid website can feel like solving a complex puzzle, but fret not, we’re here to help! Get ready for an exciting journey as we break down the five crucial elements of an exceptional website design. 1. The Power of Content Your website’s content is the lifeblood of your online presence. It’s your voice,

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In today’s digital age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. A website is a powerful tool that can help you reach a wider audience, generate leads, and increase sales. But how do you create a website? There are two popular website builders: WordPress and Wix. In this article, we will

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Google My Business-Blog

Google My Business

Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business Profile Google holds the majority of organic search and accounts for about 90% of the search engine market share worldwide.  When searching for a brand, a place to eat, or getting directions you’ve probably seen Google My Business (GMB) profiles in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).  It’s

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Use STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning) for Your Marketing Strategy STP or segmentation, targeting, and positioning is an approach to marketing communications that focuses on the consumer.  This model targets audiences by delivering more focused and relevant messages. STP is one of the most commonly used marketing models in modern marketing practices.  The popularity of

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Ad Targeting

A Guide To Ad Targeting Ads are essential to promoting your business and your brand.  You may have amazing optimized ads developed for your target audience, but it’s important to know how to reach users with them. Ad Targeting is how advertisers using Google Ads decide where their ads will appear and which audiences they

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